Thursday, 30 May 2013

Finaly i think to move up ...

one day i woke up and i think ... maybe it's not our destiny. so with a hard feeling i DECIDE to move from our friendship and stay alone by myself. maybe somebody will ask why? then i will said. Nothing.. =) maybe i'm not Good for them.

Best friend will always be with u whatever happen and comes to you. when u sad she comfort you. when u fail she believe on u and when u angry she chill u.then i know, i'm not good enough to be your 'bestfriend'. it's was so  hard! really hard for me because i already tough u will be my bestiest but i'm wrong.  u just be with me because i'm somebody. when i'm anybody u move from me. it's not a true friend.

i get a millions friends but i always comfort with 'somefriends' because i think they understand me. but i'm wrong. they just be with u when u have a power and facilities, if not? she will leave u! if u dont believe me then its day u will felt the same way with me.

I know sometimes i'm selfish but i never let other hurting my Friend including me!! but them, they just see it and ignore it when has something not comfort me. it's hurting me inside my dear! it's really hurting me.

After a long time i think.. finaly i made my decision. i really need to move up from u. but my dearly friend, always remembers one thing.. i always believe with u and my love with always with u. my prayers too. Thank you for everything my dear although its hurting me inside but it's ok. i really appreciate u comes into my life. Tq....

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