Thursday, 6 June 2013

Miss Him!

Mencukupkan 2 bulan tdak pulang ke rumah! YaAllah beratnya rindu yang ditanggung. i just miss your hug and kiss.. 

YaAllah, bila rindu aku akan menangis dalam solat. Cuma Allah boleh mnegubatnya. Rindu yang ditanggung seolah-olah tiada penghujung. He is my everything right now. HE's no one after Allah and Rasullullah right now. 

Private pic of us.. hehe.. But i love it. when i miss him the i will see all the moment that we share it together, then?? i cry... hhaha.. how much i miss him. of course the baby miss his abah to. This is the frst pic after nikah & how much its give us a wonderfull memory 

please take care without me my dear abe. Bertahan untuk setahun je lagi ea.pastu kito dah boleh sama2 dah. inshaAllah..

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